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News and information about the competition

Former 1000for1 winner finalist at World Press Photo

Javier Arcenillas, the photograph who won the first edition of 1000for1, has been shortlisted for the prestigious World Press Photo competition with his long term project Latidoamerica.

Javier won the first competition hosted by, India!, with his photograph “girl from Noapara”


© Javier Arcenillas

We wish Javier the best of luck with World Press Photo and we hope that you could follow in his footsteps!

The Human World is officially open

The Human World,’s 4th international travel photography competition, is officially open.

Submit three of your best photos for the chance to win the camera of your choice or $3000 cash!

This year’s winner will be able to choose the his or her prize between a Nikon D850, a Sony a7rIII or a Canon 5D mark IV or $3000.

This year’s theme wants you to investigate the human element in travel photography: it’s a very broad theme that leaves you a lot of freedom, but natural landscapes (with no form of human intervention) and animals this year won’t cut it!

What are you waiting for? The contest is open only until 1000 participants are reached! Do you know that the average photographic competition attracts way more than 1000 participants? By limiting their number we give to all our participants a higher chance of winning the final prize.

If you have forgotten your credentials, follow this link and input your e-mail to reset your password, otherwise log in and submit your pictures!

New Eyes: winner announced!

Gunarto Gunawan has been nominated as the absolute winner of New Eyes, the third international travel photography competition organised by

The image taken in one of Bagan’s temple in Myanmar captures one very special moment: the ray of light impacting the statue’s heart at the same time a monk is cleaning it turns this shot into a unique one that will be remembered in the history of travel photography.

Congratulations to Gunarto!

Gunarto is a travel photographer from Indonesia that focusses on a variety of subjects, ranging from landscapes to macro photography, from portraiture to architecture. Our winner doesn’t have a personal site, yet he’s very active on a slew of social platforms: make sure you check out his stunning work on facebook, 1x, 500px and instagram


The jury have also decided to nominate four honourable mentions: these go to Muhammad Mostafigur RahmanMarcin RyczekZay Yar Lin and Louis Montrose.



These photographers all receive a free entry in the next competition organised by

The entire finalists gallery can be found here

New Eyes – submissions are closed

Submissions are officially over for New Eyes, our third international competition about travel photography!

To all of those who have submitted their photos, thank you very much and good luck: by April 15 you will know if you have made it to the final selection and if you could be the winner!

Stay tuned…

New Eyes, deadline extended and prize update!

We have an important announcement to make… well two!

First of all, we have extended the deadline to the 6th of April 2016: if you have already submitted your pictures please be patient, if not you have an extra month to do so!

Secondly, we have updated the prize! Now not only you have the option to chose your prize among the best cameras on the market right now (either a Nikon D810, a Sony a7rII or a Canon 5Ds) but you could also get a $ 3000 cash prize!


Hurry up!

New Eyes will open on the 6th of January

After the success of “All of Asia” last year and “India!” three years ago, we’re coming back with another great international travel photography competition: “New Eyes”.

It was time for us to broaden our horizons and after focussing on India and Asia it was time for us to have a look at the entire world… through your eyes! Well, through your lenses!

True to our theme, this year we’re looking for photos that would frame the ordinary of far away lands in an extraordinary fashion and the extraordinary of your home town as if we were there with you when you took the shot: because after all “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”.

This year we’re are giving away the camera of your choice, among the best of the best now available on the market. Get ready, review your shots and select your best three: the competition opens on the 6th of January 2016.

All of Asia: winner announced!

Roberto Fenanti has been nominated as the winner of “All of Asia”, the second international travel photography competition organised and run by

Myanmar, © Roberto Fenanti

Myanmar, © Roberto Fenanti

Roberto’s perfectly timed image captures an everyday moment but under unusual conditions, with an extraordinary lighting and in the marvellous setting of Bagan’s temples.

Roberto is not new to 1000for1 and in the first edition his picture of the Rat Temple made it to the final selection. A proof that commitment pays off!

© Roberto Fenanti

© Roberto Fenanti

We got in touch with Roberto and we took the liberty of asking him a few questions.

First of all, congratulations for the prize: good job! The whole jury agreed that your photo was the best one although there were so many good shots. How did you react when you received the news of your victory? Did you think you had any chance?

When you announced that I was the winner I couldn’t believe it, even though I have to confess I had high expectations. Then my mood changed to an utmost ecstatic joy, for receiving such an important international award is really gratifying.


Your picture stands out among many others views of Bagan, not only because of the very peculiar light but also because you managed to capture that incredible detail of the shepherds among the dust their cows are raising. How did you manage to create such a beautiful image?

The photograph was taken at sunset from the Pyathada pagoda in the Bagan’s plain of temples, in Myanmar. My attention was captured by the dust that I could see rise among the trees and bushes and I figured out a herd was passing through. I waited until the shepherd arrived where the contrast was higher and where his outline was made clearer by the dust: I shot at that magic moment where you are sure you are in the process of creating something special.


What is your approach to this kind of photos? Do you plan a lot in advance or do you trust your instincts?

The latter, for sure. I’m as instinctive as possible, because these things happen without any warning and you have to be ready to freeze that single moment in time, without forgetting to set your camera according to the environment and light around you.


What kind of advice would you give to other people who would like to take photos of Bagan? And more generally Myanmar?

In my opinion, to shoot from any temple in Bagan I would suggest to bring a good telelens, without forgetting to bring along a more conventional lens like the 24-70 mm that is always with me in any of my trips. Bagan is packed with tourists and sometimes it gets very hard to find the ideal position to shoot the sunset, because of the crowd. I would definitely recommend to arrive quite early on the temples’ terraces to find the best spot.


You are an amateur photographer but also a painter: what was your first passion? What is your approach to photography and is photography influencing painting or the other way round?

Photography has always been a passion since childhood for me, but painting marked a true turning point in my photographic development. Through painting I started looking at everything from the point of view of light, colour and framing, things that I found later on in photography. From 2006 I’ve started attending the local camera club in Thiene, Italy, and that helped me tremendously in refining my vision of photography. Whenever I shoot, I live through a series of experiences that mix photography and painting. Painting gives you full control of the creative process, allowing plenty of time to lay out your ideas on the canvas, choosing the right balance and colours. In photography the process is of course quicker but you have to frame very rapidly: in that instance time works against, and you have to be extremely quick to decide how and when releasing the shutter.


We hope that winning “All of Asia” will serve you as a drive to create other stunning images: do you have any other trip planned?

I am really attracted to Asia and I would like to go to Cambodia and Vietnam soon. I find that people over there are wonderful, sociable and always ready to help out people in need without asking anything in return, probably because consumerism hasn’t blinded them yet.


The jury have also awarded four honourable mentions: these go to Jakub Rybicki, Chee Keong Lim, Neil Herbert and Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman

All honourable mentions are allowed to participate free of charge in the next competition organised by 1000for1.

Afghanistan, © Jakub Rybicki

Afghanistan, © Jakub Rybicki

Myanmar, © Chee Keong Lim

Myanmar, © Chee Keong Lim

Myanmar, © Neil Herbert

Myanmar, © Neil Herbert

Bangladesh, © Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman

Bangladesh, © Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman