Why another contest?
There’s never shortage of good contests! With this one you’ll get an incredibly good prize for a portion of a normal entry fee.

Who is eligible to participate?
Every photographer with an internet connection from around the world, from wherever such contests are legal, whether they be amateur or professional!

How does it work?
You should first, create a profile and log in, then select three of your best pictures and submit them using the entry form. Subsquently, you should pay the entry fee using PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry, you can pay using your credit card through PayPal. No credit card information is stored on this site.

How are the photographs judged?
Judging will occur in two rounds.
The photographs will first be reviewed anonymously by our staff, according to principles of

  • originality
  • quality
  • composition

and then a selection of entries will be passed on to the Judges that will score each photograph using the same criteria. The winning picture will be the one with the highest score overall. In the event of a tie, the tied entries will be re-submitted to the Judges for a re-judging between the tied entries alone, until a winner emerges.

How many pictures go through the final phase?
It all depends on the quality of the submission. We try to give the judges a manageable number of pictures yet we try not to limit too much the entrance to the second phase of the competition: last year for example we’ve shortlisted 50 pictures and in the previous edition 55.

Is image manipulation allowed?
You can use any post processing technique you like (including HDR and panorama stitching) as long as no elements are added or subtracted from the original file(s), cropping is allowed but altering a fundamental detail in the image is forbidden. Winning images will be scrutinised for major changes and a copy of the out-of-the-camera file might be asked at any stage of the competition.

How should my pictures be formatted?
Submitted images must be JPG only, with the shortest side at a minimum 720 pixels, no limits to the longest side, any DPI setting, colour-space preferably sRGB, and weigh no more than 5 MB.

Are watermarks permitted?
No visible watermark of any kind can be placed on the submissions. Files will be anonymously renamed before judging.

Who will own the rights to the photographs I’m submitting to the contest?
We respect the Artists’ Bill of Rights and you’ll retain the copyright and moral right of your work at all time. The submissions will be used for the sole purpose of judging and promoting the contest.

Artists' Bill of Rights

Can I send a picture that has already been published/has won another contest?
Sure, as long as this is allowed by the other contest/publisher.

How old can my photograph be?
Anything shot before 1837 will be disqualified and no reimbursement will be issued. In other words, there are no limits.

What are the runner-up prizes?
Only the best wins! There are no sponsors for these competitions and we rather offer an outstanding prize rather than several small ones. We would like to give one outstanding photographer the opportunity to win a fantastic camera!

Can I send more than three photographs?
No, you can’t. There is a limit of three pictures per contestant.

I have changed my mind: can I modify the photos I’ve already sent?
Once you have paid your entry fee it will be impossible to modify your entry, either removing or adding photographs, so choose carefully. Even if you send one single photograph you’ll have to pay the totality of the entry fee.

Can I view my submission online and ask my friends to vote for me?
No, you cannot view your entries after you’ve submitted them and no, there is no popular jury. But you can still tell all your friends about this contest and asking them to send to you all their good karma.

Who’s organising this contest?
The organiser is Flabbergast V an artist-run company whose aim is to provide the best Internet-based art contests. Whilst working on a world class competition we are providing other photography/art contests with outstanding prizes, that end when a thousand participants are reached: thus 1000for1!

What if my question is not listed here?
If you haven’t found the answer to your question here or by reading the official rules you can send an email to