1000for1 is proud to introduce its second international photography competition:

after the success of “India!” we are getting bigger and bigger with “All of Asia!

Follow the steps below and send us your pictures!

Step 1

Step 1
Create a profile

Name, surname, e-mail. You know the deal. We won't communicate your details to any third party and the information you provide will be used solely for the management of the competition and to inform you about future competitions.

Step 2

Step 2
Submit three photos

Submit three of your best photos taken in the Asian continent. They can range from portraits to landscape, from animals to events... anything that in your view really represents Asia. The photos must be in JPG format and weigh preferably less than 3MB, please.

Step 3

Step 3
Pay the 22 USD participation fee

Pay through PayPal secure servers. You don't need a PayPal account. 1000for1 is an independent competition that has no sponsor and does not resell your images, therefore a small subscription fee is required to offer such great prizes and run the competition.

 and win a Retina MacBookPro and a Wacom Tablet!

1000for1 is run by photographers for photographers this is why this contest is run according to the Artists’ Bill of Rights: there will be no other uses of the submitted pictures other than the ones strictly related to running the contest. A gallery of the winning pictures along with the shortlisted ones will be published on this site. Please note that that we will fully credit each picture which is published.

  • September 21: competition opens, submit your photos!

  • January 31, 23:59 GMT OR as soon as 1000 participants are reached: submissions close

    Do you know that the average photography competition has way more than 1000 contestants? By limiting the number of entrants you have a higher chance of winning the competition. 

  • February 15: finalists announced

  • February 30: winner nominated

Your photographs will be judged in two rounds: first our staff will select a series of photographs and then the judges will nominate the winner, chosen among the finalists

Matteo Vegetti

Matteo Vegetti

Matteo is a travel and documentary photographer whose passion for distant cultures has pushed him to seek adventures in remote locations, especially in Asia and Middle East. He is one of the founding members of Flabbergast V. When he’s not travelling he can be found experimenting with video and shooting editorials.

Javier Arcenillas

Javier Arcenillas

Javier is humanist freelance photographer, member of Gea Photowords. He develops humanitarian essays where the main characters are integrated in societies that borders and sets upon any reason or (human) right in a world that becomes increasingly more and more indifferent.

Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller

Jonny believes that visual storytelling can change the world and is a cofounder at Maptia – an online storytelling platform for sharing place-based photo-narratives. He is also a passionate cold-water surfer, amateur photographer and ukulele enthusiast.

Any questions?

Then have a look at the FAQ or at the official Terms and Conditions.

Don’t forget to check out the Blog for constant information about the competition and the Featured Artists series that we’ll run throughout the competition.

Almost ready?

Take a minute to enjoy the winning picture of Javier Arcenillas (who has joined our judging panel) and the honourable mentions by Massimo Ferrero, Nicolas Nicourt and Matteo Imbrianti


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