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In this edition there will be no boundaries and we will accept travel photography from all over the world.

 Win the camera of your choice!

You can choose any of the above cameras:

either a Nikon D810, a Sony a7rII or a Canon 5Ds

1000for1 is run by photographers for photographers, this is why this contest is run according to the Artists’ Bill of Rights: there will be no other uses of the submitted pictures other than the ones strictly related to running the contest. A gallery of the winning pictures along with the shortlisted ones will be published on this site. Please note that that we will fully credit each picture which is published.

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    Do you know that the average photography competition has way more than 1000 contestants? By limiting the number of entrants you have a higher chance of winning the competition. 

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Your photographs will be judged in two rounds: first our staff will select a series of photographs and then the judges will nominate the winner, chosen among the finalists

The judging panel will be announced shortly

This was last edition: “All of Asia”

Below are the winning picture of Roberto Fenanti (who has joined our judging panel) and the honourable mentions by Jakub Rybicki, Chee Keong Lim, Neil Herbert and Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman

Myanmar, © Roberto Fenanti

Myanmar, © Roberto Fenanti

and below the shortlisted entries for “India!”


India, © Javier Arcenillas