The winner of the third International Travel Photography Competition “New Eyes” has been announced!

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Gunarto Gunawan has been nominated as the absolute winner of “New Eyes”, the third international travel photography competition organised by

The image taken in one of Bagan’s temple in Myanmar captures one very special moment: the ray of light impacting the statue’s heart at the same time a monk is cleaning the statue turns this shot into a unique one that will be remembered in the history of travel photography.

Congratulations to Gunarto!

© Gunarto Gunawan

The jury have also decided to nominate four honourable mentions.

These go to Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman, Marcin Ryczek, Zay Yar Lin and Louis Montrose.

All honourable mentions are allowed to participate free of charge in the next competition organised by 1000for1.

© Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman - Bangladesh

© Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman – Bangladesh

© Marcin Ryczek

© Marcin Ryczek

© Zay Yar Lin - Myanmar

© Zay Yar Lin – Myanmar

© Louis Montrose - Oaxaca, Mexico

© Louis Montrose – Oaxaca, Mexico

Congratulations to the 49 photographers from all over the world that made it to the final stage!

The photos submitted to “New Eyes” have been judged by our international panel

Matteo Vegetti

Matteo Vegetti

Matteo is a travel and documentary photographer and videomaker whose passion for distant cultures has pushed him to seek adventures in remote locations. He's been published, among others, by National Geographic. He is one of the founding members of Flabbergast V. 

Javier Arcenillas

Javier Arcenillas

Javier is humanist freelance photographer, member of Gea Photowords. He develops humanitarian essays where the main characters are integrated in societies that borders and sets upon any reason or (human) right in a world that becomes increasingly more and more indifferent.

Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller

Jonny believes that visual storytelling can change the world and is a cofounder at Maptia – an online storytelling platform for sharing place-based photo-narratives. He is also a passionate cold-water surfer, amateur photographer and ukulele enthusiast.

Jing Chen

Jing Chen

Jing is an independent travel blogger that writes extensively about China, its culture and its traditions. Attracted by nature and secret places she's always willing to share her discoveries with her western readers.  

Roberto Fenanti

Roberto Fenanti

Roberto is a street photographer framing images in their decisive moments, focussing on the human element. Roberto is the winner of "All of Asia" and since 2006 his photographic passion helps him to see the world through different eyes.  

Probal Rashid

Probal Rashid

Probal is an award winning documentary photographer focusing on people at the edges of society. He is a long time advocate of the people of Bangladesh, Nepal and India. His photographs explore the relationship of humanity and environment in a simple manner.

 The winner of this year’s edition could choose the camera of his choice or $3000 cash!

He could choose either $ 3000 or any of the above cameras:

either a Nikon D810, a Sony a7rII or a Canon 5Ds

Gunarto, a long time Canon shooter chose the Canon 5Ds as his prize!

1000for1 is run by photographers for photographers, this is why this contest is run according to the Artists’ Bill of Rights: there will be no other uses of the submitted pictures other than the ones strictly related to running the contest. A gallery of the winning pictures along with the shortlisted ones will be published on this site. Please note that that we will fully credit each picture which is published.

  • January 6, 2016: competition opens, submit your photos!

  • April 6, 2016 (23:59:59 GMT) OR as soon as 1000 participants are reached: submissions close

    Do you know that the average photography competition has way more than 1000 participants? By limiting the number of entrants you have a higher chance of winning the competition. 

  • April 15, 2016: finalists announced

  • April 30, 2016: winner nominated

Check out our previous editions

2015: All of Asia

Below are the winning picture of Roberto Fenanti (who has joined our judging panel) and the honourable mentions by Jakub Rybicki, Chee Keong Lim, Neil Herbert and Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman

Myanmar, © Roberto Fenanti

Myanmar, © Roberto Fenanti


2014: India!

Here you can see the winning photo by Javier Arcenillas (who is also part of our judging panel) and the honourable mentions by Massimo Ferrero, Laurent Nicourt and Matteo Imbrianti


India, © Javier Arcenillas

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